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Nicholas cage good actor or not.

some say that Nicholas Cage is not a good actor, becasue he plays any role they give him, and he doesnt include himself in other movies with good actors. I think that he is a good actor; he pulls off any movie they give him and tries his best to make the movie stand out, no matter how bad the movie might seem. For example the  new movie ghost rider: spirit of vegenance was pretty good;  some people didnt bother watching it because they thought that the first movie in the series wasnt good. In my opinion Real actors sould be able to act in any movie they put them in and try to pull it off.

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effects of steriods

althought the use of steriods can make a normal person archive their goals of getting big or shredded, and also make an athlete better in their sport. however it has adverse effects such as, suicidal thoughts, mdeath, acne, shrinking of the testicles, skin gets pale and flappy looking, stop growth, and high blood pressure. Also several studies have shown that individuals who take steriods tend to be anti social. I think these should stop people from using  steriods.

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Research project proposal

The use of performance enhance like steroids, HGH, EPO, stimulants and B2 antagonist has led to the downfall of many athletes. Why do athletes take these drugs when they know that these drugs could be harmful to their body? Is the reward worth the sacrifice? How does (and/or should) this affect our perceptions of our heroes?( Lackey). Because of performance enhance drugs the world of sport has become dirty, especially track and field, and many deaths and humiliation have occurred. As an athlete I’ve heard of the death and disgrace of many athletes because of the use of these drugs. When another athlete is cheating and getting better in their sport, a times we have a misperception that it’s just natural talent or hard work but later we find out the truth;  the truth not only hurt the athlete but other athletes as well, because it’s not fair to us.

Steroids improve performance by increasing testosterone, making you stronger, recovery faster (repair torn muscle, restore muscle) and making you become more aggressive, which can lead to training harder and more competitively, HGH makes recovery faster and boost your immune system and make you grow or rejuvenate you, which means you will feel energetic every day. EPO is what distance runner s train on and live on, it increases you blood volume/hemoglobin so that you can train longer without getting tired. Stimulant basically mimic parts of the brain and body to make you stay focused, aggressive, energetic etc. B2 antagonist (ex. Asthma inhalers) make you breathe easier by putting oxygen into your muscle so you can breathe easier and train longer.

All of these drugs have very negative side effects such as suicidal thoughts, stroke, death etc. Because of the edge these drugs can do athletes take them, the theory is this: why train for a month and run a 5:00 min mile when I can train for a week and run a 4:40 mile. For the past year the anti-doping organization has been and is still trying to prevent the use of performance enhancement drugs buy , but somehow athletes always find a way around it. Nowadays the anti-doping organization is creating new drugs detection machines like gas dermatogonist, blood samples and urine drug screening. They are also  doing random drug testing on athletes, on and off season, and if athletes are caught they get a year off participating in their sport. They are making everything illegal nowadays like athletes cannot consume too much caffeine (coffee) because it makes you feel awake and energetic, athletes can’t eat too much beef liver because it increase testosterone, can’t use pre-workout enhancement products like jack 3D, and now they are debating if Creatine should be made illegal because creatine provides a bust of energy and help with recovery too. I don’t think these drugs are supposed to be illegal. Overall I think it will be very hard to stop athletes from using performance enhancement drugs because most of these drugs are produced natural yin the body, like testosterone, HGH, EPO and creatine.

I need to find out why athletes take these drugs when they know that these drugs could be harmful to their body? Is the reward worth the sacrifice? How does (and/or should) this affect our perceptions of our heroes?. I will use the library database, type use of performance enhancement drugs, Google: athletes busted for drugs, tour D France, weight lifting, library database: Arnold swegeneger , cyclopedia: when and how these drugs emerge, newspapers, Olympics and I could also listen to the narration of athletes who have use these drugs.

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reflection on goals of english 1060

In english 1060: writing about community health; I have increased my knowledge in health care in robinson county, Scotland county. I’ve read read and listened about peoples experiences in dealing with the economy and health. i’ve also read about syhphillis and how it has effected many live. i have also learned about  the right process to go through when conducting a research, interview or survey. As for now I dont struggle with anything, becasue erything is thought in a conversational manner which makes the theme and purpose easy to understand and comprhensible. If I was to do this project again I wouldnt change anything, because sotland county, Hoke county, and  robenson county are just the right counties to do reseach on, regarding health care, because they are in the bottom when it comes to health care. These are counties the government need to pay attention, when it comes to improving health.

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The iPhone is a nightmare for carriers


NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The iPhone may be great for consumers, but takes a nasty toll on wireless carriers’ bottom line.

The price of Apple’s (AAPL, Fortune 500) iconic smartphone is heavily discounted by carriers. Those subsidies almost single-handedly devastate profit margins for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

The iphone is basically the phone thats in style and I think it will be in style for a while. everyone is getting it nowadays, and almost every company is adding it to their program, because of the amount sold yearly. However companies such as at&t, sprint an verizon are losing profit because of how much the iphone costs. Now all the companies are finding new ways to get profit.

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How will the iphone 5 look like?

It will be very difficult to desighn a new iphone. Based on the desighn there is no way to make it any smaller; what new technology could apple possible think of inserting on the iphone 4? I cant think of any other shape as sleek and futuristic as the iphone 4. With the death of Steve Jobs, a  real genius who invented the iphone with other collegues, without him, i think it will be hard to invent an iphone 5.

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